Sunday, 15 April 2012

Portfolio Updates

As quoted by Warren Buffett, “Diversification is protection against ignorance.”

We are almost done with our portfolio allocation. This is the portfolio that we would gladly hold for at least the next decade, unless, our valuations are reached much earlier and there exist even more undervalued opportunities to invest in.

The proportion of our stakes show how convicted we are in the positions we held.
We believe in the concentration of great ideas.


  1. Nice work guys you put your money where your research and experience told you to . Look at the gains on AIG which is still in recovery mode.
    Bac isn't too shabby either.

    Getting in early certainly helps and still many investors do not know about these long term warrants. (2021 AIG)
    AIG warrants are still cheap when you think they were introduced at $22.
    Huge buyback will take place this year and an IPO. Cheers

    1. We would expect a reappraisal of the market value of AIG once the U.S. Treasury exit their stake.
      Hopefully, like what the rumours say, Buffet is shopping around again with his elephant gun!
      And this time around, we decided to get in early and swing big, partly from the lesson we learn earlier;

      Confessions: Even though we got into BAC stake before Buffet, we did not buy aggressively enough. We ended up "dollar costing" up instead!